Von Leaf Eliquid mixed berry 500



Our Mixed Berry e-liquid is ideal for anyone who likes a fruity flavour.  Vaping on CBD e-liquid is the fastest way of getting CBD into your system and all of our e-liquids are nicotine free therefore vaping is rapidly becoming a popular option. The bottles are sleek and compact and are fitted with a glass pipette making the filling of your vape tank easy and convenient   CBD E-Liquid Size: 10ml CBD Strength: 500mg PG / VG Ratio: 50%/50% Nicotine Free  Compatible with most vape tanks (please avoid use with high powered vape kits as it will burn through your e-liquid very quickly)  There is no exact guideline of how much liquid to use in your tank, however, if you are adding it to an existing e–liquid, start by adding 3–6 drops. Most consumers are happy with 3–6 drops and other consumers require half a tank full. We recommend using a separate vape tank filled with just CBD e-liquid and use as and when you need. You should get a better idea of the number of drops needed after using this product for around 3–5 days   Approximately 50mg CBD per 1ml of e-liquid


Weight 60 g


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