Von Leaf 250mg Full spectrum tincture


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10ml Vón Leef Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 250mg. Vón Leef oral CBD drops are the perfect way to administer CBD on a day to day basis. The bottles are sleek and compact and are fitted with a glass pipette making the application of CBD drops convenient and easy  Full Spectrum CBD Oil Size: 10ml CBD Strength: 250mg Carrier: MCT Oil  Vón Leef uses MCT oil as the carrier in all full spectrum oral drops. MCT oil is transported immediately from the stomach to the liver and broken down very efficiently and also do not convert into body fat. This makes MCT oil and ideal carrier  The colour of the oil is golden brown and there is a slight earthiness to the taste. We recommend having a few sips of water after application to avoid a slight aftertaste  Apply 3–6 drops under the tongue for sublingual absorption. Aim to keep the liquid under your tongue for up to 60 seconds. Follow this procedure up to 3 times daily (we recommend 3–6 drops every morning and every evening but it comes down to personal preference)  The 10ml bottle contains approximately 240 drops of liquids which therefore provides a 20 day supply based on an application of 6 drops twice daily and a 40 day supply based on 6 drops once a day.  Approximately 25mg CBD per 1ml of liquid

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