CBD water soluble drops 500mg


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water soluble CBD drops have been formulated as the perfect addition for your hot and cold beverages!

Normal CBD oil does not dissolve in liquid and sits at the top as an oil. Our water soluble CBD drops have been formulated so that the solution will fully dissolve in liquid without leaving the earthy, organic taste often found in full spectrum CBD tinctures. Therefore, this means you can make any of your favourite drinks into CBD drinks!

The advantage of using water soluble CBD over a tincture is that your body can absorb a much higher percentage of the CBD and other cannabinoids – in fact, you should absorb 100% of the CBD and other cannabinoids present. Whilst sublingual absorption still gets CBD into your bloodstream and to your CB2 receptors quickly and efficiently, as your blood is made up of 80% water (and oil doesn’t mix so well with water), you don’t always absorb 100% of the CBD and cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

Now you can make your morning coffee into a CBD coffee without compromising on taste or moving to a different brand. Alternatively, why not just add a few drops to your water or any other soft drinks?

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate (Cannabis Sativa L.)
Size: 10ml
0% THC
CBD Strength: 500mg
Carrier: Propylene Glycol

Each drop contains approximately 1.1mg of CBD so add the desired number of drops to your drink and either shake / mix / stir well before drinking.

The 10ml bottle contains approximately 240 drops of liquids which therefore provides a 30 day supply based on an application of 8 drops a day.

Approximately 50mg CBD per 1ml of liquid

Weight 60 g


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