About Reliever Hemp Hub

Reliever was created to give the average person access to cannibidnol products. These products are very much in demand. The CBD industry is predicted to grow 400% in the next 5 year’s, with that in mind we decided to create an opportunity. An opportunity that not only gives people access to premium products but teaches you how to sell them. With the guidance of the leaders and support of the ever growing team, we will train you to network market. We are like cogs, working together, we are Reliever, we are family.

Start your own business today

Start a business working from home promoting some of the best purest cbd products on the market. Be part of an ever growing cbd family, With full training and support throughout every step you take. Take this opportunity alongside other commitments and create a second income or as a full time role as flexibility is key. Email for more information or register and a rep will contact you direct.

Whats the hype?

Our bodies were built for cannabinoids. We’ve an entire system designed to receive cannabidiol for the purposes of regulating the bodies internal system. Aswell as amazing health benefits. It has many other uses like  it can be made into a fabric to make clothes. Biodegradable plastics and so much more. Join us today, help spread the word and make the world a better place one leaf at a time.

Meet the CEO's

Reliever was launched in 2018 by Gemma Jones, Kirsty Mills and Claire Bassett. Together combined we have 40 years experience in retail, management, network marketing and business. Our aim is to bring fair prices for our representatives, so money can be made. We also have a bonus plan to top up your income. We promote top quality products and we treat reps like family. Our code of ethics is something we pride ourselves on.



Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO